Public Sector / Health care

Institutions and establishments engaged in the extensive topic of health must pay great attention to hygiene in their premises. Our solutions using dry steam guarantee the highest standard of cleanliness and safe (ecological) health course work. We have experience in working with institutions involved in pharmacy and hospitals. We order for clinics, medical clinics, dental offices, etc.
High temperature, minimized humidity and high pressure of produced steam makes it not only very effective in the fight against any contamination, but also allows you to work more efficiently and saving water and chemicals.
Offer of our mobile steam cleaning units includes, among others.: 
  • cleaning and disinfection of operating premises  
  • cleaning and disinfection of storage space 
  • sanitation, ozone treatment and fumigation 
  • cleaning and sterilization of the social rooms 
  • disinfection of production lines 
  • cleaning and disinfection of the pharmaceutical industry
  • general cleaning
By using our services you can count on: 
  • fast turnaround time 
  • simultaneous cleaning and disinfection, thanks to the technology of dry steam 
  • reduce costs associated with waste disposal
We perform both one-time and long-term orders, regular contract services, we offer non-cash settlements, VAT invoices. Our mobile commercial eco-cleaning units are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to ensure continuity of work in your company.
All service offerings are tailored to individual customer needs. We invite you to contact our staff who will answer any questions.