Public Sector / Administration

We take care of the best but also the most cost-effective and safe for the health performance of any services related to the maintenance of cleanliness. That's why our offer is ideal for extremely demanding in terms of hygiene and cleanliness administrative agencies. Your satisfaction is our top priority, we will do our best to meet even the most difficult challenges.
Our mobile cleaning units offer among others.: 
  • cleaning the halls of official 
  • cleaning of administrative buildings 
  • cleaning of furniture and other objects of utility 
  • cleaning and disinfection of rooms and studio 
  • sanitation social rooms and bathrooms 
  • ozonation, fumigation and eradication of other microorganisms 
  • general cleaning 
  • washing windows 
  • cleaning driveways and parking lots
We are constantly increasing our range of services and are not afraid to take challenges, so feel free to check our capabilities even in aspects not mentioned in the points above.
Modern equipment base, innovative technology and the use of professional steam washes provide a definite reduction in the consumption of water and chemicals, extremely short drying time while disinfection, which provides comfort, eco-friendly nature and short duration of the service.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the map of our points, and contact your nearest branch. Our specialists will be happy to answer your questions.