For individuals / House/apartment

We deal with a comprehensive mobile cleaning of the houses and apartments for many years. Thanks to the experience of our staff and modern steam technology we are able to provide you with effective and rapid execution of the service at a very competitive price. 
In our offer you will find, among others: 
  • general cleaning 
  • washing windows 
  • ozonation 
  • odor removal 
  • washing carpets 
  • laundry and securing upholstery material 
  • cleaning, protection and restoration of leather upholstery 
  • sanitation 
  • disinfection 
  • cleaning bathrooms (tile, grout)
We are distinguished by fast delivery, top quality and professional customer service. In addition, modern equipment base, innovative technology and the use of professional steam generators provide a strong reduction in the consumption of water and chemicals, extremely short drying time while disinfection, which provides comfort, eco-friendly nature and short duration of the service.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the map of our points, and contact your nearest branch. Our specialists will be happy to answer your questions.