Detailking Cleaning Services / Public Sector

Our mobile steam washes can also offer plans focused on institutions and facilities of public use. Public spaces are exposed to the formation of specific pollutants due to high turnover of supported visitors / customers.

We are aware of the ever-increasing expectations of the public sector and with experience and the use of highly efficient dry steam technology we are able to meet them. With the help of our mobile cleaning units maintenance of the cleanliness of the office, school or transport vehicles becomes extremely simple.
We are distinguished by: 
  • ecological character 
  • significant reduction in the consumption of water and chemicals 
  • simultaneous cleaning and disinfection 
  • Individual approach to each order
Throughout Europe, we provide services for, among others.: 
  • units involved in public transport 
  • state institutions (offices, schools, etc.) 
  • sports facilities (halls, gyms, swimming pools) 
  • cultural facilities (theaters, monuments, museums) 
  • the sanitary facilities (changing rooms, toilets, bathrooms) 
  • space for public use (public transportation, playgrounds, etc.)
We also specialize in the execution of orders, not referred to in those paragraphs. We give the opportunity of free demonstrations of our ability and are not afraid to take even the most unusual challenges.
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