Our services / Detailking Cleaning Services

Detailking is a network of stationary and mobile steam car washes and cleaning units operating since 2008. Our services are based on innovative technology for cleaning and disinfection with dry steam. All orders are carried out by qualified staff mobile units, operating with mobile access to the client or stationary. Our offer is addressed both to individual customers as well as companies and institutions.
In our portfolio you will find among other services for individual customers: 
  • general cleaning of houses and flats 
  • full car cosmetics, also with mobile access
  • taking care of the garden and home surrounding
For companies we offer, among other things: 
  • comprehensive fleet services (auto cosmetics cars, vans and trucks) 
  • cleaning and disinfecting refrigerators, food cars, buses and trucks 
  • continued cooperation with the food and hotel properties (cleaning and disinfection of back-catering, cleaning, sanitization, erasure spots) 
  • support of the food and heavy industry (services for the bakery, processing plants, industrial plants, factories) 
  • service commercial real estate, offices and storage (cleaning, ozonising, disinfection)
Our services are also applicable to the public sector: 
  • eco cleaning and disinfection of public transport (buses, trams, trains, etc.) 
  • taking care of the public spaces (removing gum from sidewalks and streets, cleaning and disinfection of stops, washing signs, cleaning and protection of monuments, memorials, etc.) 
  • maintaining cleanliness in the administrative and cultural buildings (offices of cities, municipalities, courts, schools, kindergartens, nurseries, museums, etc.) 
  • service hospitals, clinics, medical clinics, doctors' offices and veterinary (sanitization, disinfecting, cleaning, etc.)
Through the use of steam washes, ozone generators and other specialized equipment, we are ready to take on even the most unusual of tasks performed on the customer's request. We provide professional help and advice, we can also arrange a free demonstration of our ability in place of order.
We invite you to cooperate and please contact your nearest unit.
Detailking Team