Twist Eco Car Wash / Transport

Detailking offers comprehensive cleaning services for all kinds of local comunication vehicles, transport companies, shipping and aviation. We deal proffessionaly with the maintenance of cleanliness among others.:

  • buses 
  • trams 
  • trains 
  • buses 
  • trucks 
  • boat 
  • aircraft 
  • subway cars
In our offer you will find services related to: 
  • cleaning vehicle interiors 
  • washing upholstery material 
  • cleaning and protection of leather upholstery 
  • removal of bacteria and mites using dry steam 
  • disinfection 
  • ozonation and odor removal 
  • removing the effects of vandalism (graffiti cleaning, traces of mazakach etc.)
Through the use of steam washers we are able to service anywhere, without the required infrastructure with traditional methods. Your order we are able to achieve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to ensure continuity of work in your company.
Depending on whether you have multiple cars, or a large fleet used throughout Europe, our offer will adapt to your individual expectations. We perform both one-time and long-term orders, regular contract services, we offer non-cash settlements, VAT invoices.
We strongly encourage you to read the list of our branches and contact us by phone or email. Our experts are always at your disposal.