Detailking Auto Detailing and Smart Repair / Auto Detailing

Every car owner wants to make his car look as good as at the day of its departure from the factory when the interior was flawless. Detailing relies on careful care of the vehicle, with attention to the smallest details; in order to look as good as possible. To do so variety of means are used such as cleaning, polishing and protecting each element of the car, from the tire and rim, with paint, windows, external and internal plastics, to both material and leather upholstery.
Thanks to all these efforts you can significantly increase the durability of many elements and increase its market value.
Regardless of whether your car is past its prime or it has just left the salon door, we invite you to our studio of detailing, where, thanks to properly prepared packages of services adjusted to the condition of the vehicle and customer expectations, we will make your car look like new again and it will retain its flawless appearance for a long time.