Our services / Detailking Auto Detailing and Smart Repair

DetailKing is a brand which was founded at the beginning of this century. The intention from the very beginning was dealing with the widely understood automotive industry. And so it is today. We work extensively throughout Europe. The experience gained by us enables to produce high quality products and services at the highest level.
Recently the concepts of ‘auto detailing’ became very popular. What does it mean and what does it stand for? While in central Europe is a relatively new phenomenon, in Western Europe, particularly in the country of its formation which is the USA, there is a huge market of suppliers of all kinds of products for car cosmetics , starting from chemical agents and accessories such as the wipes and ending with brushes.
Today, passion is not enough! Professional Car Care requires more attention, so we are constantly looking for the best solutions available on the market testing the products dedicated to auto detailing available on European and American markets. All products are checked on our vehicles and we select the best ones to provide the highest quality of service and to gain the satisfaction and smile of our clients. We offer you our years of experience in the country and abroad and our passion, without which you cannot work effectively in the field.
We provide the highest standards of the resultsand our passion, experience and attention to details which allow us to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.
We strive to provide the best appearance and bring out the aesthetic value of your car or help to prepare it for the planned resale.
The main objective of our work is to bring your car to such a condition that it looks as good as possible, every day. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the possibilities offered by the technology of Smart Repair and with Auto Detailing offer.