Detailking Auto Detailing and Smart Repair / Smart Repair

Smart Repair is the innovative method of fast and efficient repairs. The aim is to remove minor damages created during car’s exploitation. Techniques of Smart Repair used by our specialized personnel allow for the replacement of traditional repair methods. The advantage of Smart Repair systems over traditional methods is the optimization of cost and duration of the repair.
Cost of carrying out the process of Smart Repair is almost two times lower than traditional repair methods. Service timing is about 1-2 hours.
The Smart Repair services are performed as follows:
  • SPOT Repairs - repair of dents, scratches, chips and deep scratches
  • Removal of dents from the car body without lacquering
  • Welding and strengthening of external plastic components
  • Removing scratches and abrasions from plastic elements 
  • Windscreen repairs
  • Headlights restoration
  • Repair of wheel rims
  • Repair of plastic internal parts
  • Renovation of upholstery and leather items
  • Repair of upholstery materials, suede and floor coverings