Dry Ice Cleaning / 1600


Apparatus for dry ice cleaning with performance of 1000 l / min, which makes it very useful in removing contaminants on larger surfaces. Warehouses, cold stores, garages and halls will now shine purity, and all without the need for water and chemicals.



  • Handy, compact and lightweight.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Without connecting to the mains.
  • Installation in a few minutes.
  • Handy and lightweight gun for stream cleaning



  • Very low air consumption.
  • The high efficiency of the cleaning process.
  • Low consumption of dry ice.
  • Low air consumption.
  • Favourable price.



  • The warranty for two years with the possibility of extension subject to continuous use of dry ice pellets proposed by our company.
  • Replacement device for the time of repair


For achieving optimal effect with Polarjet 1600 it is required to use air compressor with performance above 800 l / min.


Application Polarjet 1600:

  • Electricity industry - cleaning control cabinets, electric motors, switchgear, transformers.
  • Paper industry - cleaning printing machines - removes wet and dry ink, powder, toner, colors, labels, paper dust or adhesive residue.
  • Food industry - machinery and equipment cleaning of various substances ie. Grease, wax, protein, spices, crumbs, scorching effects, caramel, cocoa, arabic gum, and many others.
  • Automotive Industry - cleaning mold lines with electronic components.
  • Car repair - comprehensive cleaning of car, space for motor, chassis, electrical and electronic systems.