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Detailking Bumper System


The system of repair for bumpers and plastic exteriors is designed specifically for textured plastic bumpers , door mirrors and finishes. Cracks or holes can be repaired and filled with a set of welding plastics, and through simple steps , tear off , scratching or damage to the surface can be easily repaired , re- textured and repainted to the highest standard of quality .

All materials used in the system are flexible , so do not break and does not peel off unlike traditional paints .

Hot welding of plastics.

In line with our policy of continual addition of new SMART Repair solutions to the already wide range of products , Detailking recently introduced fast and easy to use system of repair any type of plastic fenders, headlight housings and finishes.

The unique advantage of this gun over similar products available on the market , is to equip it with a wireless battery , so it can be used anywhere, without depending on power source. A fully charged unit can weld more than 200 splices, and this in two different energy options - Standard power at 14W or less power set to 10W , which is ideal for working in difficult areas or processing of thin plastic.


Power: 14W / 10W
Output voltage: 2.4V
Welding time : ca. 200 splices at 14W
Charger: 12V DC / 1 A
Charging time : 2 - 4 hours (depending on the room temperature)