Training / Steam washers service

As part of our business using the highest quality steam washers, we also offer comprehensive training related to their handling and use.
Generally, our system is divided into:
  • training with diesel models manuals (you will become familiar with the specific service of diesel powered steam washers, you will discover the range of their applications, such as washing cars, cleaning the facade, removing chewing gum, etc., and you will have the opportunity to work with the most commonly used accessories)


  • training on electrical equipment (due to the nature of electric steam washers you will know their and application by focusing on the use inside of the room, while washing all kinds of upholstery and carpet cleaning and disinfection of floors, tiles, grout, washing windows and similar work cleaning )
Training dates are set individually, the duration of one day, maximum number of people in the group: 5 The training ends with receiving the relevant certificate. 
If you have questions you're welcome to contact us.