Training / Washing and spot removing

The best equipment and chemicals may facilitate the work, but it's the right skills determine its quality, performance and time. With our help, you will know the theoretical and practical aspects of the use of cleaning equipment and top quality chemicals of Chemspec company to wash and stain.
As part of the training you will become familiar with: 
  • specificity of used equipment and car cosmetics
  • methods of removing various kinds of discoloration 
  • removing tough stains from coffee, blood, wine, juices, grease, urine or vomiting 
  • removing unpleasant odors from the animals, urine etc. 
  • cleaning and securing delicate fabrics and carpets washing
Dates of training is determined individually, the duration of one day, maximum number of people in the group: 5 The training ends with receiving the relevant certificate. 
For further information please contact our specialists.